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ECDL Essentials & ECDL Extra

Whether you are out of work or employed, the European Compuetr Driving Licence (ECDL) is your chance to learn new computer skills and gain a valuable qualification at the same time. The qualification is awarded by the British Computer Society and is nationally recognised. It covers Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Presentations and Improving Productivity using IT and is available for the different versions of the Microsoft Office suite. ECDL is a Level 1 qualification whilst for those wishing to progress their IT skills, the ECDL Extra is a full Level 2 qualification.

Benefits of ECDL

  • ECDL lets you show your current employer - or any future employer - that you have reached a recognised, national standard in IT.
  • ECDL is a great way to make sure your IT skills are up to date with recent steps forward in IT.
  • ECDL will help you to improve your IT skills and use IT more effectively in your home or workplace.
  • ECDL lets you fill any gaps you may have in your IT skills quickly and easily.
  • Any experience and previous IT qualifications you have, may count towards an ECDL which would mean you could get the qualification much quicker than if you were starting from scratch.

There are no formal skills or qualifications needed to start the course and you may well be entitled to the course for free provided you do not already have a full level 2 qualification. Our staff will be able to help you assess your skills and recommend the appropriate course for you.

Handpicked Courses

  • 1. An Inside Job: Meeting Internal Customer Needs

  • 2. Essentials of managing performance

  • 3. Building Blocks for e-Business

  • 4. Cash Accounting for the Small Rural Business

  • 5. Health & safety for employees

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