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Our new Work Skills Packages ensure you are work ready for a variety of sector based jobs. We have carefully selected a number of key qualifications that employers will look for and bundled them together - along with any trade registration required - to create our Work Skills Packages.

If you're in receipt of Jobseekers Allowance access to the Work Skills Packages are FREE, including your trade registration, ensuring you'll be work ready with the basic requirements of the sector. Because these packages are flexible, you can be work ready in as little as a month.

We offer Work Skills Packages for the Construction, Security, Childcare, Health & Social Care, Administration and Customer Service sectors.

To find out more about our Work Skills Packages please visit our Courses section.

Handpicked Courses

  • 1. An Inside Job: Meeting Internal Customer Needs

  • 2. Essentials of managing performance

  • 3. Building Blocks for e-Business

  • 4. Cash Accounting for the Small Rural Business

  • 5. Health & safety for employees

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